Blognotice 01.11.2014: “Come toi (As you)” – remembering the Chibokgirls with a song from Jean – Jacques Goldman

photo 200days chibokgirls1979558_284789701732070_6054517516682475060_nEvery time I hear “Comme-toi (As you)[1] ” – a song from Jean – Jacques Goldman I discovered the first time when I was a high-school boy, just about eighteen years old  – my thoughts go to Chibokgirls, the 273 Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped more than 200 days ago. More than 200 days of captivity, more than 200 days of slavery, of torture – and their calvary seems currently not to find an end. My thoughts also go to the Yazidis and Christian Women raped, sold into slavery somewhere in Northern Iraq and Syria by Da’ech.

When will those mistreated girls, those tortured women in Nigeria, Syria, Iraq regain their liberty, their dignity …..? When will they find some peaceful sleep, without the fear that in the next hours they could be raped, stoned, beheaded[2]

Somewhere in the “Comme-toi” song, we can hear the words – “Elle s’appelait Sarah elle n’avait pas huit ans. Sa vie c’était douceur, rêves et nuages blancs. Mais d’autres gens en avaient décidé autrement (Here name was Sarah, she was just 7 years old. Here livre was tenderness, dreams and white clouds. But other men had decided differently ….. )”

The Chibokgirls are about more or less 10 years older, than the girl in Jean -Jacques Goldman’s Song, – but all of them, had dreams …..

Their name are Lugina, Lugwa, Lydia, Esther, Saraya, Naomi, Filo, Fatima, Glory, Magret, Rose – to remember just some of the names of the kidnapped girls.

photo chibokgirls10506590_234815130062861_3135805469484803539_oSome rare kidnaped Chibookgirls have escaped their torturer, but most of them are still in captivity!  Even if a single person can not do much, – we should not forget them – and still hope that at least that they can return to their beloved!

#BringBackOurGirls now! #StopTheKillings!

Images/Pictures all from ©

Christophe Neff,  01.11.2014

P.S. (01.11.2014 13 :00): A very good reading concerning the current situation in Nigeria (specially the Mubi region) is the article “L’onde de choc des conquêtes de Boko Haram (the shockwave of the Boko Haram conquest)”(in French) from Jean – Philippe Rémy.


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