Blognotice 03.11.2014: Chibokgirls – Converted and married off – just another way to say – offered to sexual slavery

Some hours after having posted my latest article on paysages“Come toi (As you)” – remembering the Chibokgirls with a song from Jean – Jacques Goldman – I read the news – that the Chiboksgirls had converted to Islam and had been married of. Even in the German media this terrible news was on the topic.  Personally I was neither surprised nor shocked.  This is the unsurprising reality in regions where groups like Boko Haram or Da’ech  rule – exert their tyranny!

In the same time  I discovered the tweet of Gisèle Deurst ““Mariées et converties“ une autre manière de dire „offertes en esclavage sexuel“. Intolérable. Inhumain. Inadmissible. (Converted and married off – another way to say – offered to sexual slavery. Intolerable. Inhuman. Inadmissible)”. The tweet is a Citizen outcry facing tyranny!

Gisele deust bring back
Screenshot of tweet – „Mariées et converties“ une autre manière de dire „offerte en esclavage sexuel“. © Gisèle Deurst 1.11.2014

Converted and married off – it’s just another was to say – offered to sexual slavery! It is intolerable, it’s inhuman, and it’s inadmissible!

We should not forget the #Chibokgirls! #BringBackOurGirls now!

Christophe Neff, le 03.11.2014

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